Matco can supply a wide variety of product mixes, from basic to specific chemicals for various applications and have partnerships with chemical manufacturers around the globe.  We supply raw materials for diverse applications: detergents, adhesives, coatings as well as for home and car care throughout Europe (including UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc…).  Are you looking for a supplier for chemical raw materials or additives for detergents, adhesives, coatings, textile, artificial grass, home care or other applications?  We are also a distributor of phosphonates and distributor of organo-modified siloxanes and wax emulsions.  Contact us for sourcing the chemicals you need.   

Below are examples of chemical we supply regularly.  Contact us if you don’t find the chemical you need.

Chemicals for detergents industry

These chemicals are used in industrial cleaning, institutional maintenance, personal care and domestic maintenance solutions.

Chemicals for adhesives and coatings

These chemicals are used to produce or give specific properties to adhesives and coatings in the packaging, textile and other industries.

Chemicals for home and car care

We also offer off-spec or second choice chemicals.

Matco’s comprehensive chemical trading services contribute to the efficient and compliant operation of your business:

  1. Documentation for Import and Export in/from EU:
    • Matco provides comprehensive support for importing and exporting goods to and from the European Union (EU). This service includes managing all the necessary documentation, customs paperwork, and compliance documentation to facilitate the smooth and lawful flow of international trade.
  2. Registration of Chemicals According to Local and European Legislation (e.g., REACH):
    • Matco assists in complying with local and EU regulations, such as the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation. We handle the complex registration process, data submissions, and other regulatory compliance activities to ensure that chemicals are registered and used safely and legally.
  3. In-House Quality Control:
    • Matco has in-house quality control to ensure that products meet specified quality standards before they are distributed or delivered to customers. This includes comprehensive testing, inspection, and verification processes.
  4. Chemicals Transport from Port to End Customer:
    • Matco manages the logistics and transportation of chemicals from the point of entry (e.g., a port) to their final destinations, which could be manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or end customers. They handle the safe handling, packaging, and transportation of chemicals.
  5. Temporary Storage of Chemicals:
    • Matco provides temporary chemical storage facilities that comply with safety and environmental regulations. These facilities are used for the short-term storage of chemicals before further processing, distribution, or delivery to customers. Temporary storage enables effective supply chain management, allowing businesses to manage inventory, respond to market changes, and ensure product availability.
  6. Re-packing in IBC and Drums and/or Re-blending:
    • Matco offers chemical re-packaging services, transferring chemicals from bulk containers (e.g., tanker trucks) into intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), drums, or other smaller packaging formats. Additionally, Matco can provide re-blending services to customize chemical formulations as per customer requirements. Re-packaging and re-blending services provide flexibility, allowing businesses to meet specific customer needs, ensure product consistency, and comply with packaging and labeling regulations.