Production and storage capacity at your disposal

Along with the opening of its new site, Matco launched a very ambitious investment programme for both its production capacity and storage capacity. Matco’s overall surface is 11,000 m², whereof a 3,000 m² production hall and 6,000 m² for storage. Matco holds all required permits in conformity with the most severe environmental, health and safety regulations.

  • Storage capacity (tanks): 500 tons
  • Two chalk silos
  • Fully equipped lab
  • Efficient logistics platform for over 3,200 pallets

Blending & repacking services

Matco specialises in the repackaging of liquid chemical products from bulk to 1,000 l IBCs and 200 l vessels.

The blending department disposes of mixing tanks to produce various types of mixtures. We offer various types of mixture services:

  • liquid + liquid mixture
  • liquid + solid substance mixture
  • Mixtures can be supplied in bulk, IBC and vessels

Looking for common powder wetting or more complex compositions? At Matco, we always seek to offer our customers the best results. Specific assignments are discussed with the customer and potential investments are negotiable.

Located at the hear of Europe, close to Antwerp, Le Havre and Rotterdam

Thanks to its strategic location (100 km from the Antwerp port, 200 km from Rotterdam and 200 km from Le Havre), Matco’s logistics platform is ideally situated for storage and transhipment of products of the chemical and textiles industries.