Matco disposes of a large warehouse and is licensed to store various types of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. The majority of the chemicals is availabe from stock, so supply of small amounts is possible.  We offer re-packing solutions in IBC or vessels.   Thanks to our international network of manufacturers we can constantly enlarge and adapt our list of chemicals that we trade or distribute.

We are a certified AQUAPHARM (India) dealer for the distribution of various phosphonates (AQUACID brand) and GLDA in the Benelux and northern France. 

AQUAPHARM: Aquacid phosponates

Aquapharm is a leading manufacturer of specialized chemicals. The company supplies phosphonates, polymers, and biodegradable chelating agents. Aquapharm has been providing these products to its customers worldwide to improve their lives for over 35 years.  Aquapharm offers a wide range of specialty phosphonates in their solid forms such as powder and granules, in addition to standard liquid offerings. The phosphonate business unit produces various specialty products and formulations that have properties for several specific industrial applications. Aquacid phosphonates exhibit multifunctional properties like threshold inhibition sequestration of metal ions and de-flocculation. In conjunction with their excellent hydrolytic and thermal stability, these properties make phosphonates superior to other sequestering agents in cost-effectiveness and performance. High stability constants of phosphonates with heavy metals ensure improved stabilization of the active bleach and assist in the removal of stains caused by heavy metal-containing liquids like tea, coffee, red wine, etc..

Aquapharm manufactures a wide range of organophosphonates under the AQUACID brand. These products are available in different grades and in various salt forms – sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), ammonium (NH4+) – with different pH or active concentration levels. AQUACID covers a wide range of industrial applications such as scale inhibition/prevention, dispersion, bleach stabilization, metal chelation, cleaning agents, and metal corrosion inhibition. Aquapharm also manufactures special grades of phosphonates with high purity low chloride for cosmetics and other applications.

Some of the products from AQUAPHARM that we distribute:

CHT Group: Organo-modified siloxanes and wax emusions

In the home and car care industry we are an exclusive CHT (Germany) dealer. CHT is an ambitious manufacturer of organo-modified siloxanes and wax emulsions. Both organo-modified siloxanes and wax emulsions are versatile materials that offer unique properties and are widely used in various industries to enhance product performance and functionality:

Organo-modified siloxanes are silicone-based materials that are used in various industries to enhance product performance and functionality. They are inert, heat-stable, and non-toxic products that offer lubrication, gloss, antistatic, protective, and release properties. They can be divided into three groups depending on the type of emulsifier system used – they can be: anionic, cationic, and non-ionic. Most emulsions are non-ionic as they are compatible with either of the other two systems but depending on the application, cationic or anionic emulsions can be chosen.

Wax emulsions are versatile materials that offer unique properties and are widely used in various industries to enhance product performance and functionality. They can be used as release agents for molding, as well as in textile finishing to enhance feel, water repellence, and reduced ironing. They can also be used in household cleaners and polishes to improve protection, gloss, and spreadability.